Food Processing

The firm has detailed subject files for processing food, packaging, marketing and distribution of packaged foods. Some clients grow the product and then have to process, cool, package the product and then ship to market foods that have been severed from the soil. Other clients purchase raw materials from vendor sources with popularity gaining in the farm to process segment. Once purchased the materials are mixed, cooked, baked, steamed or otherwise put into a delicious form then packaged and sold to market.

Developing wholesale sell through outlets takes time, talent and a good data base of helpful phone numbers.

We have worked with some of the nation’s largest food processors and have learned how to manufacture, package, distribute and sell the product which is helpful to our clients needs.

Our operations leader Steven Pybrum worked full time for the Wrigley Company, one of Americas best companies to work for. Steve was part of the management team that ran the west coast production facility for Wrigley and has great insight into domestic distribution and distribution to Asia.

The Wrigley Company, headquartered in Chicago was a company that ran its day to day operations like a Swiss watch. All aspects, segments and divisions of the business operated with detectible perfection.

This attention to detail about day to day operations has been instilled in our company and we like to share these ideas with our clients to help perk up their business operations.