Known in the industry as the firm to hire when there is a business fire. The Red Adair of the restaurant industry. Yes the Red Adair, not Fred Astaire (born Frederick Austerlitz; May 10, 1899 – June 22, 1987).

When you have your back to the wall and the lender is about to call…Canberra Company to the rescue. Front of the house, back of the house, behind the house we do it all. Intimately familiar with day to day operations, processes, procedures, refrigeration, storage, recipes, menus and modern technology to carry on the business is why we are hired. If you can start a business we can show you how and where your operations are lacking and what specifically to do about it, in a hurry. Comebacks don’t happen overnight but getting on the right track is an important first step.

Famous for our 4 to 40 program we can walk into a business, find the problems and factors that are limiting the growth of the company. We can show you how to grow and then monitor you from 4 locations to 40 locations and then show you how to sell the restaurant to a private equity firm, if you so choose.

People, lenders, private equity should not invest in a restaurant without requiring a management consulting firm with specific industry knowledge to oversee the business operations.

It’s a CEO to rent. We leave no stone unturned. Because we are management consultants capable of disassembling a business and finding problems that need repair we can be helpful to any CEO in the restaurant industry. We have many programs that support and assist restaurant CEO’s in setting policy, tackling tough issues, employee training and sophisticated steps in securing loans, capital and running franchising programs. Leadership is the common thread.